Happy 12th Birthday to my Best Friend

Some people thought I was crazy (ok they still do) when 12 years ago I came home with a puppy.  I had a 6 month old baby just crawling, a husband who was gone Internationally and I was going back to my own hectic job with travel.  I was even the one who named him Dallas…the name of the football team that my husband has a slight obsession with……and I’m not talking in a positive way.

But I brought him home anyway.

happy birthday dallas

Little did I know I would have my new best friend.  For twelve years he has stuck by my side, run hundreds of miles with me and loved on each of us during trying times.  He has been our “rock” when there was change, distress or upheaval.

We have grown grey together, we now ache together and we both like to take naps just a little bit more often.

We have had twelve first days of school, christmas mornings, christmas cards and much more.

dallas walks & swims

You have shown us love when Will was in the hospital and all he asked for was you.  You sat by his side and didn’t budge.

dallas collage

We know to find you in the closet if someone has been yelling, stomping or getting in trouble.  It brings us back to making sure there is calm and order in the house.

And now you have shown us that you can be the better person by letting us bring the psycho puppy Duke into our already chaotic lives.

Happy Birthday Dallie!  Thanks for putting up with us and loving us no matter what…

dallas and family

Confessions of a Messy Closaholic

Closaholic – def.:  a person or persons who is/are obsessed with maintaining a neat, organized and functional clothing closet.

Closet Collage

My friends tease me about my closet.  I suppose I set my self up for it, but they really are rather harsh.  Please don’t judge them, YET.  You know who you are (Lorie, Sofie, Barb, Bree and any other OCD color coordinated closet friend out there)  Ask my Mom, I came out of the womb this way and have refused to change this ONE flaw.

So for the past 6 weeks I have been going room to room and cleansing my house.  I have made great progress and many trips to Goodwill.  All areas are completed except my bedroom closet.My husband and I came to an agreement many years ago that he is off-limits to any comments, jokes or nagging when it comes to my bathroom and closet organization system.  He has held his end of the bargain ONLY on these two areas of the abode.   He really does not count on the other areas of the house because I’m quite sure he thinks he was in the military and we should bounce a quarter off our bed and be able to drink from our toilet water.  So I thank him for BACKING OFF on these two areas.

Yesterday I decided to go for it.  It wasn’t planned or even provoked.  I just started.  Here is what I discovered:  (oh, and please DON’T JUDGE!)

  • White jeans with tags and no spandex
  • Darling dresses that must go
  • My favorite baby hat of Wills
  • About 30 Lulu Lemon bags and tags….shhh (come on, no one throws away those bags)

Don’t judge….

  • A baby gift of little burp towels I never used….did will not ever burp?  Is he making up for it now?
  • My wedding dress…. Yes I may even out it on and show you….when I’m ready!
  • Leather pants from the gap that I used to rock and we’ll lets just say they are in the to go pile
  • $10 off coupon for sports authority
  • A hanger covered in yarn. Do you remember those? This one is from a college roommate. Borrowed it 22 years ago (Cindy Mansfield….so sorry)
  • 100 socks only 3 pair that match
  • A higher percent ratio of spandex vs. cotton
  • I only like about 1/4 of my wardrobe.
  • I think I threw away 1/4 of my wardrobe…no I’m not throwing it away,!  Stop judging!  I’m donating to a shelter, seriously

Don’t judge

  • I’m afraid to try on any belts to see if they still fit
  • One croc?
  • Two five dollar bills
  • 4 pairs of pj’s with dogs on them
  • Two old Kate spade totes. One filled with golf tees….the other with….what else? A lulu lemon receipt. I must have looked great golfing that day😎
  • I should have bought stock in Lulu Lemon -regardless on the cheap see-through fabric)

I’m getting a little overwhelmed. Good thing I’m already locked in my closet

Me in closet Collage

Just found the other croc.

I am almost done, yet I am SO DONE!

Will I really keep it neat?  Why am I still sitting on the floor of my closet.
I should put a tv and wine cooler in here. Everyone has left me alone for hours.

Ok, so I didn’t completely finish, but I did stay in there long enough to have quiet time by myself and let my husband think I was still working.

What is your confession?

Hot Crab Dip Appetizer…to share or not!

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